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kamibana's Journal

Kamibana Scanlations
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Kamibana's Doujinshi and Manga Scanlations
This is staff headquarters for the doujinshi scanlation group Kamibana.
Releases are now being posted!

This community is an addendum (not a replacement) to our website.
If you wish to browse for information about us or releases by us, please go there!

Rules and guidelines for our visitors ♥

[1] Be courteous -- both to staff, to your fellows, and to those outside this community. No bashing anyone or anything, including fandoms, series', or pairings.

[2] Heed the warnings! We'll release some interesting stuff, so please read the descriptions and use discretion.

[3] Don't complain about what's here or what we do here. If you have a problem with us scanlating doujinshi or manga, or for the content of the material we handle, that's understandable; but it is also inappropriate, unwelcome, and rude to complain about it here. This is not wanking ground.

Re: Joining.
Locked posts are just for our staff members to organize projects; there are no private releases in locked posts here. So membership is not open to our readers. You're not missing anything too awesome. ;]

If you would like to work with our group, please see our Recruitment page on our website!


Kylara - founder and head; does a bit of everything and quality-checks all releases
Evoiiice9a - scanner, typesetter, quality-checker
Bloodylilies - scanner, resident cheerleader
lilHowlet - translator, proofreader
Boko009 - translator
BaraHime - scanner of Loveless
Kansya - proofreader of Loveless
Pluto1331 - cleaner

Special thanks to our friends and contributors: Sai the Shaman, Loren Leah, Onkei-kun, Lilydescend, Loika, Hisshouburaiken, Chained Heart, MirusMayhem... and more!

I really need to update this!

narutodoujinshi - Naruto doujinshi sharing community

Utilities, Guidelines, Cool Stuff

For scanners:
♥ If you are considering scanning a doujinshi for us, please read our scanning standards here on our website!
♥ See our doujinshi request page here on our website!
scanning guide [locked]

For translators:
Doujinshi needing translations *open!*
♥ Please feel free to translate any doujinshi with us, even those not listed.

For cleaners/editors:
♥ We are looking for HQ cleaners!
Cleaner's Recruitment post *now open!*
Cleaning tutorial [locked]

For typesetters/editors:
Typesetting guide [locked]
Sorry, but we are not looking for typesetters at the moment.

Useful stuff for staff [locked]